Valentine's Day Gorgeousness with Sephora! *

Think of it what you will - Valentine's Day comes around on the same date every year, whether you celebrate it or not.

To those who do, I hope you have a lovely night with your significant other! To those who don't, make sure you have a wonderful time, with or without friends, because you're worth it! For the beautiful ones who would just like to take a bit of a break and pamper yourself, consider this post as potentially helpful, because these may just be the cutest V day presents to buy for your little self!

Sephora currently has a total of six products out as part of their limited edition range, including:
1) We Have Chemistry Lip Balm $6.00
2) Velvet Nourishing Cream $18.00
3) Be Atomic Love Box $24.00
4) We Have Chemistry Hand Wash $9.00
5) Scented Bath Confetti $8.00 (pictured)
6) Be Atomic Bath & Shower Gel $15.00 (pictured)

I love that the shower gel has little hearts in it! Just imagine, you can soak up all of the love this February, and not burn a hole in your pocket!

Check out the range at Sephora and keep an eye out for the newbies that are coming out!

What are you doing this Valentine's Day? 

* These products were provided for my editorial consideration 


  1. I really find that packaging really cute! I'm not big on Valentines day but this is super cute :)

  2. These are so darn adorable!! Now.. the little heart confetti in the shower gel, is that paper or make from soap too?

  3. Gotta admit I love the limited edition stuff that brands come out with during celebrations like valentines day :) Haven't tried out Sephora's body wash prods yet, looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

  4. Ah, what a super cute collection- love the packaging! Have a wonderful Valentine's, Leah :)


    1. Thanks, gorgeous! Hope you had a good one!


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