Keeping Cool with Ocean Spray Low Sugar Fruit Drink *


Here at Temporary Princess, I'm not just about makeup and beauty. There will be moments when we discuss health and fashion, and this is one of those moments! Ocean Spray is a brand that I'm really familiar with, given that I have several of their juices currently sitting in my pantry, thanks to my husband's addiction to their grapefruit juice and my occasional need for their cranberry juice.
I was given the opportunity recently to try their new low sugar cranberry fruit drink, and being a regular consumer of their cranberry juice, I was pretty excited to hear about it!

Given the amount of sugar I tend to consume (and trust me, it's a lot of sugar!), some of it as drinks, finding an alternative that whets the appetite can be tricky, which is why this is so great. Sweetened with Stevia, this only has 10 calories per serve! I don't count calories actively, but I am aware of it in the periphery of my mind and I do occasionally try to make an effort in not overdoing it, so not having to think about it while sipping on something sweet is quite comforting!

As far as the taste goes, I actually prefer this to their usual range. It has less of an aftertaste and a quieter flavour. This has also helped a couple of times when I was really craving a soda, and it quelled the urges - bonus!

I haven't tried this as part of a mixer yet, but I've got some cocktail night ideas happening! The yum without the calories? Winning!

The range was created and made available exclusively for the Australian and New Zealand markets, which makes us lucky little ducks! I'm going to keep an eye out for the grapefruit version the next time I'm grocery shopping! For more information on this, head over to their site.

Are you interested in their low sugar range? Which flavour would you try?

* This product was provided for editorial consideration


  1. I always have ocean spray cranberry juice in my fridge, but ive never tried their sugar free range i'll have to check it out!!

    1. I want to check the rest of the range out!


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