Review: Dove Colour Radiance Shampoo and Conditioner *

I use Dove products every day, and yet, I never think of haircare when it comes to this brand! For those who haven't heard, I layer my deodorants (Dove's Clinical Protection, followed by their Invisible Anti-Perspirant) in order to be a pleasant person to sit next to on the train. Sounds weird, but you'd be thanking me if you were next to me in the middle of Summer!

Let's have a chat about what Dove has been doing to my hair!

Ok, so while this appears to do an effective job of cleaning the hair, I find that this doesn't penetrate as much as other shampoos seem to. There's quite a bit of sudsing, but also I have occasionally felt like I needed to shampoo twice to adequately breakdown all the gross in my hair. 

Perhaps there is something to this lack of penetration which allows it to act as a colour protectant, so that it doesn't strip it all out of the hair? In any case, it's a very pleasant shampoo and it seems to help retain some of the funky colours I've been toying around with.

This is a really lovely and lightweight conditioner. I find that this doesn't leave any heavy residue in my hair, which used to be a bit of an issue with me and some drugstore hair products. This leaves the hair feeling reasonably soft and bouncy.

Left to right: Shampoo, Conditioner

As far as the colour radiance bit goes, they seem to be helping better than regular shampoos and conditioners, but it's not particularly amazing.

However, this duo seems to do something fantastic to my hair that's not stated on the bottles - they seem to give it a bit of a shape! I was surprised to find that my hair seemed to have a bit more oomph after I started using this set, but hey, I'm not questioning it! Anything that gives my flat hair a bit of body makes me go woo hoo!

This has been a rather positive introduction to the world of Dove hair products! Do you have any Dove in your life? Would you go for their hair products?

* These products were provided for my consideration, but my opinions, as always, are my own


  1. Dove is actually my preferred shampoo and conditioner brand, it's one of the better drug store/affordable brand that does a really good job at ridding dirt and grime from my hair/scalp.

    Lily @ Lily not Louise

    1. How about that! It's certainly a brand that I'm quite keen on now.

  2. I have never tried Dove shampoo before so now I'm a bit curious about it hahah. I love their chocolate though ahhaa :) I will have to try it soon :)

    1. Haha! I hadn't even thought about the Dove chocolate!


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