Fix While You Manicure ft. Revitanail *

For those who know me, you'd know that I like having a bit of colour on my nails, but I sometimes have split nails (boo), and that I'm a chronic smudger (double boo!). 

Hence, Revitanail is a bit of a godsend in both aspects, and here's why!

Marshmallow; Black Plum; Pomegranate

Revitanail makes a small range of basic, but easy to wear, shades. A total of five colours, they are all Triple Strength nail polishes, and where's why - they contain ProSina keratin peptide, bamboo and calcium, which are meant to strengthen the nails while still looking gorgeous on the digits.

I really liked this when I first started using it. It's smooth going on, doesn't bubble, and takes about 2 to 3 coats to achieve the most appropriate shade. However, note that this does end up being quite thick as time goes on, and gets to be a little too gloopy to work with. 

Does it actually strengthen the nails? I'm not entirely certain, as I haven't had the chance to use this for a long enough ongoing basis. What I can say is that it doesn't make it worse, which is certainly what you want when your nails are already raggedy. All I can say is that if your nails are having a tough time, this is certainly worth trying! Each bottle retails for $14.95.

Of all of the products from Revitanail, this is my absolute FAVOURITE! I discovered this a while back and I've tried a couple of other different brands, but they haven't quite measured up to this little benchmark! 

It's so easy to use, and works really well! Just pop on your top coat, wait for a minute, drip this on the nails, then wait another minute and ta da! You're good to go!

I love this so much that I bought a bottle for my sister after she tried my bottle, and another one for a friend from the UK, who went nuts for it. Don't let me go on about it - you really need to try it for yourself, and for just 14.95!

For my previous post on Revitanail, head here.

What is your favourite Revitanail product? Have you tried similar products to the instant dry drops before?

* These products were provided for my consideration, but my opinions, as always, are my own


  1. I love revitanail products they are always top quality, I have a few of their polishes, they last as long as my OPI.

  2. ooh these look interesting! I always smudge and have cracks in my nails or splits, which I hate! gonna have to look into these

  3. I used to love the OPI drip dry drops, have you tried those? Curious to see how they compare! :)

    Mind you, since I tried my first bottles of Poshe and Seche Vite, these are a thing of the past, they dry my mani so quickly I can literally do my nails and go straight to bed without smudging!

    Love this post! :)

    1. Love, love, love Seche Vite! Even then. I'm a shocking smudger!

  4. Revitanail is a great brand! Love their hand cream! The instant dry drops sound really good. I bought one from Essence and that one didn't work for me just made my nails feel oily.
    xo Kat @ Katness

  5. I've never really trip Revitanail before as a nail polish! Love reading your blog post today Leah!

    1. Thanks, beautiful! Always lovely to see you on the blog!


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