Review: Rimmel Super Curler Mascara *

Rimmel has been upping their mascara game this year, and their latest addition, the Super Curler, is certainly another strong lash player!
This mascara is meant to be volumising with a curling effect of 90 degrees that's supposed to last up to 24 hours on a person.

You begin by applying this along the top of your lashes, then fanning them out from beneath, You can then push the lashes further up and out by turning the brush vertically to use the tip to give them a bit of a nudge. 

The curved brush is meant to fit the shape of the eye to prevent smudging during application. I found this to work well for application.

The big question is - does it actually work? As far as volumising goes, it gets a big yes from me. It also does smudge, but just a little beneath the eyes, and not enough to stop me from wearing it. 

Alas, as for the curling part, I'm afraid it would take more than a mascara to do so. Much like my head hair, my lashes believe in staying straight and curl free, and remained this way despite the application of this lovely mascara. 

This can be purchased for $17.95 from Priceline, Target, Big W, Kmart and Chemist Warehouse. While the curling part doesn't work for me, I'm interested to see if it would for others out there!

Have you tried this curler before? What's your favourite Rimmel mascara?

* This product was provided for my consideration, but my opinions, as always, are my own


  1. Still yet to try this, ive been using blinc mascara and im finding it hard to go back to mascara that may smudge on my lower lashes!

  2. I haven't tried any Rimmel mascaras yet. I was a bit skeptical about the curling claims for my own lashes. I would definitely need to curl them first lol.
    xo Kat @ Katness


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