New Release: Colour Theory Gelato Dreams *

As you may know by now, Colour Theory is one of those brands coming up fast and hard on my radar, given the quality of the products for their sensible price points. I'm actually kinda glad that there isn't an Amcal nearby, or I'd be in there all the time! 
For their Spring/Summer 2015/16 range, they came up with some absolute deliciousness - Gelato Dreams!

Creme De La Creme; I Love Bubble Gum
Cool Capri; Pistachio Party

For $4 each, you can pick up all four of the shades for only a total of $16, which is really affordable! These ice creamy, pastel shades are too cute, with Creme De La Creme, I Love Bubble Gum, Cool Capri and Pistachio Party all Summer appropriate hues.

The Tropical Summer Daze eye shadow palette houses corresponding colours to those of the nail polish range. Given how pigmented their usual eye shadows are, I'm particularly excited about that green shade. These shimmery little beauties will only set you back $10.

Having had little luck with the one mascara I've tried from them so far, I'm hoping that this might be better for my lashes! I'm determined to keep trying, as I'm sure I'll find one that works for me eventually! This mascara costs $8. 

Top to bottom - Waffle Cone; Citrus Sorbet; Cotton Candy-Licious

I think that their lipsticks may be my favourite part of the Colour Theory range, just in general. At only $6 per lippie, these gorgeous rays of happiness (I did say they're my favourite part!) come in cheery Summer shades!

This! I have saved the very, very best for last. This bronzer highlighter duo comes in a clear perspex  case, just like the rest of the range. The case houses, like the name suggests, a matte bronzer on one side and a highlighter on the other side. It is a fairly generous 4.9 g each and this will only cost you $10.

Not pictured, but also part of the range, is the lip gloss frosting and you can get it for $8. If you're after a refresh for your makeup kit this season, make sure you check out the new Colour Theory range!

* These products were provided for my consideration, but my opinions, as always, are my own


  1. Omg Leah, I love the colour of those nail polishes, they are so appropriate for spring!

    This Damsel Loves Blog

  2. I am thoroughly impressed by colour theory's quality! I love the pastel polishes :D

  3. I saw these advertised in Amcal and wondered about the range! hows the eye shadow and lipsticks quality?

    1. There's a bit of fall out with the eye shadows and the lipsticks are generally pretty fantastic!

  4. I lurve pastel colours especially for summer, the eye shadow palette is so pretty.


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