Lust Have It October 2015

I have to say, as much as I've enjoyed Lust Have It as a subscription service, they haven't been the best in terms of how they've set up their business. They've run late, chopped and changed things around, raised their prices and ultimately, never quite got back to what they were like in the early days. We have also received a letter stating that they would be charging for postage, and turning the FaB box into a quarterly pack - what is going on?
They sent out their box late, again, in October, and failed to include a card detailing all that was included in the pack. On top of that, they didn't put the outstanding tea bags in the pack from the month before. Alas, I feel like this is all falling apart a little.

That said, you're not here to hear me prattle on - here's what I got in the month of October. By the way, please excuse the strand of hair in the first two pictures - by the time I saw them, I'd already eaten the candies!

1) Atkins Chocolate Candies - There's no explanation behind this, but I'm guessing it's meant to fit in with the Atkins diet? It was mighty tasty, though!

2) Bioderma Soothing Cream - I've quite enjoyed the Bioderma products I've tried so far, and as such, I'm excited to have gotten this!

3) Skin Magic Tea - Instead of the five bags I was meant to get, I only received one. It's a little maddening!

4) Hair and Me Hair Rejuvenation Treatment - I already have this floating around somewhere, I just haven't had the chance to use it yet, so let's hope it's good!

5) Flormar Nail Enamel - This is a lovely bright red, and not a brand that I'm familiar with, so I look forward to trying this out!

6) Lust Have It Natural Highlighter in Sunset Strobe - I do love highlighters, but I'm a little skeptical about 'own brand' type dealies. Nevertheless, I'm happy to give it a go.

7) Flomar Supershine Lip Gloss - This looks gorgeous colour wise, but there's just something about the packaging that I'm not warming up to entirely.

And that's everything I got this time. Oh Lust Have It, I loved you once, but I'm afraid that after this subscription runs it's course, we will be parting ways. 

How do you feel about the way that LHI is going? Are you keen on this subscription service?


  1. oh its interesting about the company, I've never subscribed to any of the boxes though but the products look good

    1. Definitely not a sub that I'll be keeping up, sadly!

  2. Oh i agree with the gloss packaging, it's not inviting at all!! I think you will love hair&me, maybe not the process, but definitely the outcome :)

    1. 40 minutes sounds like forever, but it'd give me a chance to do other things in between, I suppose!


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