Review: Shanghai Suzy Gothic Chic Collection

I know I just talked about the new Shanghai Suzy wardrobe recently, and you probably thought that was the end of it for another few months, but you'd be wrong! Aside from that range, I recently purchase their Gothic Chic collection, just because I couldn't resist!

This particular collection explores some of the more esoteric shades that have been cropping up in recent days.

Goldie has a metallic sheen to it - best described as sheer metallic formula at the bottom on the lipstick - that has a very gold 'magazine finish' (ie what you would expect to see in an ad in the magazines when everything is gold themed). It's buildable, and actually might be worth using top of another lip colour.

Emerald comes in shimmer, which makes it harder work with, but it's such a gorgeous shade, it's hard not to MAKE it work! This is a deep green with a sheen - too pretty!

Dove is a bit of an unexpected love for me. It's a true grey on the lips, and is surprisingly wearable.

Midnight comes in matte, and it's a black that you can slick on a couple of times to achieve a more opaque shade. Not the blackest black, but this makes it easy to get to that stage.

Goldie; Emerald; Dove; Midnight

It's a little hard to see Goldie on the left, and Dove looks more blue than grey in this shot, but it's different on the lips. As per other Shanghai Suzy lippies, they smell like grape bubblegum.

For those looking for fun colours to play around with, this is certainly something to consider. I bought these purely due to them being Shanghai Suzy lippies, because I do just love them!

This whole set retails for $30 and you can get them online at the Shanghai Suzy site and at Miss Pearl Store.

Is this something that you'd be interested in? Which one would you like to try?


  1. I love the blue and emerald, I remember using colours like this when I was a teenager, never thought of using these on the lips again. Stunning.

    1. Just goes to show that it does all come around in a full circle!


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