(Re)Launch: Charles Worthington Hair Products *

Last week, I had the chance to go to a very lovely launch at the Langham Hotel here in Sydney for Charles Worthington products. Some may remember that they were once stocked here (the little takeaways, anyone?), and they are now back and better than ever! 

As part of the launch, I received a number of products from their Style Setter line and I just had to put them to the test straightaway! Keep in mind that this is only a small portion of their full range - boggles the mind a little bit, huh?

As a little special something, my other half, Mr Prince, thought he'd give us his two cents worth on one of the products. Read on through to see his spin on things!

1) Intense Rescue Melting Balm - This is a solid product that goes liquidy when warmed up in your hands, like coconut oil. You're meant to put this in the hair for 20 minutes, prior to a normal shampoo and condition of the tresses, which is great as a time saver, because I can have a face mask going at the same time. Preserve the skin and the hair without needing to stand around in the cold bathroom for 20 minutes while waiting for my hair mask to kick in? Winning!

2) Styling Wax -
Hers: This is a pliant and soft styling wax that my other half has been trying out. What I love about it is that it doesn't leave the hands feeling greasy and has enough hold that it will keep the shape and style of your hair.

His: Before reading this review, you should probably know that I'm far from an expert on hair products or hair styling. I do not have a fashionable hair cut, and could not tell you the first thing about how those guys in 1D get their hair to look like that. The extent of my hair styling generally involves rubbing a bit of product between my hands, then working it through my damp hair.

That said, my hair is very thick and Temporary Princess tells me that it makes me look like a Chia Pet when left to it's own devices, so I do have some experience with 'bad hair days'. As such, my goal with hair products i simply to tame the woolly beast into something neat and controlled with a bit of texture, so this will be the benchmark for my review.

Packaging - Simple, stylish and sufficiently gender neutral that I can keep it with my stuff, not hers.

Fragrance - A bit more feminine than some other waxes/styling products that are probably marketed specifically towards men, but I really like it nd it's not too strong once it's actually in your hair.

Texture - Smooth and firm in the container, which gives it a nice feel, but does require a bit of a deliberate dig with our finger to get it started, not because it's too solid, but it's just really smooth and springy - you'll know what I mean when you try it. Once in your hand, it has a creamy smoothness and is not too sticky or greasy like some other products, it feels much more like  face cream than a hair wax. The downside to this is that it feels like it disappears as you rub your hands together, whereas some other products almost seem to expand. Strangely, this didn't mean that I needed to use more to get a good results.

Function - Easy to style my desired look. Holds well for the whole day as long as you don't rub it. Has a softer texture compared to the shiny, crunchy feel you get with some products.

The verdict - Good results! I will definitely use my current tub to empty and would be happy to purchase it for future use.

2) Salt Spray - I think I'm in love. I honestly never thought that salt sprays would do much for my Asian hair (read: straight, straight, ever so straight), until this. This is meant to help create that 'mussed hair, don't care' look, and boy, does it! Just spray it on all over, scrunch the hair, then layer on some hair spray to give it a bit of extra hold.

The upside is that it doesn't feel sticky or get particularly clumpy, just lots and lots of body and volume! This really lets me do that 'rolled out of bed and here I am woke up like this' hair - I officially love this stuff!

3) Long Lasting Max Hold Hairspray - Lives up to the name! If you're off to a wedding/formal/sky driving (although I've never tested this one), this is likely going to be the grip you're looking for.

4) Instant Root Concealer - I received this in Dark Blonde and Brown, and I think it actually comes in four shades, including a light blonde! Rumoured to have one of these flying off the shelves every minute in the UK, I can certainly see why! It's great for those time in between dyes when you have an event, or when you're low on time or in need of a quick touch up. I tested this out on one of my willing participants, and here are the results:

Totally undoctored photos! As you can see, the grey disappeared in a flash - easy peasy! A big thanks to my friend who let me experiment on her hair!

Tip? Make sure you have something covering your clothes or shoulders, or you might find some of this on your top. Also, style your hair BEFORE you put this on!

5) Dry Shampoo - Another easy product to use! I don't get any white cast with this one, and it helps absorb the extra oils the roots. What I also like about it is that while it does feel powdery, like dry shampoos do, it's not as powdery as some others can be.

6) Brush Out Strong Hold Hairspray - This is my favourite product from the whole range! Created so that you can go from one hairstyle to another, yet have them hold how you'd like them to! Just brush it out and presto! Your hairstyle will go from formed to relaxed, and you can restyle it. For me, I like that this holds my curls when I do them, and it doesn't feel crunchy.

The entire line is colour coded and scented, with the different ranges all having bearing different fragrances. Style Setter smells of green apple blossom daisy, violet, white cedar and musk - excellent for both genders! Bonus? The scent of it makes me want to tousle my locks all the time, because every time I move, I can smell it!

Charles Worthington relaunched in Priceline last Thursday! Make sure you check out the entire range, and keep an eye out for their takeaways - they are still part of the range!

What's your biggest hair concern? What range are you most interested it?

* These products were provided for my consideration, but my opinions are my own


  1. I love reading about new products that are being launched in Australia! Thanks for sharing this info!

    1. You're welcome! Hopefully you'll find something in their wide range that you'd like!

  2. Terrific review my dear tp - that Intense Rescue Melting Balm has hit the top of my must-have list!

    1. Oooh! Let me know how you go with it!


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