Review: Paula's Choice - Part Two *

While I knew that Paula's Choice had a great range of skincare products, I wasn't aware that they had make up/beauty products!

I was sent a small selection (and I mean small selection, because Paula's Choice has an amazing range of products!) of beauty items and I really got into it! Here's what I got:

I received:
1) Brow/Hair Tint
2) Cuticle and Hair Treatment
3) Lip and Body Treatment Balm

As someone who does her brows on a daily basis, this was an exciting introduction! The shade itself is quite dark, closer to brown than black, and takes a little bit to dry down, and I've found it best to just place it on before doing my eye make up, so that it would have enough time to dry. The formula, while still thick, is a little more watery than I'm used to.

The brush is quite long, and wide, which can make it a little problematic when you're trying not to go too wild with the brows. With this particular brush, brushing the brows in an up/down motion is best, and going length-wise would almost certainly result with caterpillars!

As an alternative, you can always use a spoolie, which can give you thinner brows. Overall, I like the effect I get with this, given that the tint is quite dark.

This treatment balm comes in a screw top jar, which can be a little annoying, given that I would then be trying to put it back on with 'balmy' hands. That said, this isn't a very slippery formula. This is a very hard balm, and you have to move your fingers around a little bit to get some out. At this rate, it could last me just about forever.

As far as it goes, this is pleasant on the lips. I have been using it as my bedtime lip balm, and I've woken up with nice, soft lips. This is, as with all the products I've tried so far, fragrance free.

It's quite a travel friendly container, seeing as you can slip it into your bag, and you couldn't squish it, like you would a tube. Don't be fooled by this picture, incidentally - it's not a small jar, so you'd get your money's worth.

I love this travel friendly cuticle pen! This has a little brush, which makes application easy, and the formula is thick enough to be rich, but not greasy, which means that this is also mess-free! This tackles the problem of dehydrated cuticles and keep things hygienic. I think you can tell just how much I love this cuticle pen - it's amazing!

I hope this gives you some idea of how exciting things are getting over at Paula's Choice! Check them out here for more details. Fragrance free, cruelty free... What more could you want? This certainly has me more excited about their make up products. I really want to try out their eye shadow palette!

Are you interested in any of these products? Have you tried any Paula's Choice make up items before?

* These products were provided, but in no way influenced my opinion.


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  2. I haven't tried any products form the brand although I have seen it popping up in blogs lately and I think this is the first I've seen makeup products.
    xx Kat @ Katness

    1. I like that they seem to be branching out!


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