Review: Paula's Choice - Part One - Moisture Boost Skincare *

I'm sure everyone is familiar with Paula Begoun, the brain behind Paula's Choice, which was previously a skincare line, but has expanded to so much more! Paula, who wrote the tome 'Don't Go To The Make Up Counter Without Me', has created a number of different skincare ranges to take care of everyone's concerns. You can find more information on their website over here.

I was sent a number of different products, and I have split them into two posts. This one focuses on skincare, while the second one will look at what else Paula's Choice now offers.

The Moisture Boost range looks at catering to normal to dry skin, and there are a number of products in this particular category.

The toner comes in a whopping 190 ml bottle, where you have to unscrew the cap. This is a toner where you need a cotton pad to smooth the toner over the skin. I find that this leaves my skin a little tingly, but not in a bad way. 

It goes on well after cleansing, and leaves the skin feeling 'toned'. This retails for $27 dollars, and you definitely get a lot of bang for your buck!

This cleanser comes in a gigantic 237 ml  bottle that has a lid where you press on one end, and the spout pops up on the other end. It has a viscous consistency, and is a pearly white shade. This also foams up reasonably, but not hugely. I have been using this with my Foreo Luna, and I've been getting a really good deep clean with it!

It doesn't strip your skin, leaving it unpleasantly tight and squeaky. Instead, it's quite a gentle wash, leaving the face soft and clean.

This retails for $28 and will last you for ages! 

This moisturizer comes in a 60 ml flip lid tube, making it nice and easy, not to mention hygienic, to get the product out. This has a cream like consistency, and is relatively thick. It contains SPF 15, which is good for daily wear, but perhaps not as strong as one would prefer during Summer. 

This has been particularly good, however, for the cooler Summer days we experienced over the last few weeks in Sydney, where it felt dry, and I needed a bit of a boost. I find that when I first smear it on the skin, there is a white-ish cast, but this does go away with a bit of rubbing. I did find this a little heavy for the warmer days, but not enough to put me off using it. I do catch the faintest whiff of 'sunscreen' when I apply it initially, but that does fade. For dry skin, this may have just the right thickness.

Also, this particular moisturizer, while thick, does work well with make up over it, and doesn't go blobby. You will find this for $31 on their website.

What I love about this line is that it's certified cruelty free, and when they say fragrance free, they mean it! This range also feels very gentle, and is great for those who are allergic or sensitive to scents. I'm also now properly intrigued by Paula's Choice and I really want to try the make up range!

You'll find more information on their website, as well as the store, here. Stay tuned for the next installment! 

* These products were provided, but in no way influenced my opinion


  1. I have 2 products from this brand that I need to try out soon and I love how they r cruelty n fragrance free xx

    1. That's a pretty big draw card for people I know too!

  2. I really want to try that toner, it sounds pretty awesome! xx

    Sweetaholic Beauty

    1. That's such a good range - I hope you get your hands on some soon!


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