Menulog - A Dummy's Guide To Ordering Food Online *

For someone who embraced internet shopping when it became readily available (and even in it's initial stages - missing Ebay parcels from the 90's, I'm looking at you), it suddenly occurred to me the other day that, aside from ordering pizzas online once, I'd never fully explored the possibilities of ordering food online.

Perhaps it was the lack of human contact that made me feel uneasy, as if the order would never reach me, or the perceived lack of variety, but I didn't really ever look into it, until now!

Menulog recently offered me the chance to try out their service, and this really came to the rescue one night when Mr Prince had to stay back late, and lacked motivation to make dinner. For those who aren't aware, Mr Prince does all of the cooking, whereas my talents lie in the baking department, but I digress.

What is Menulog? It's No. 1 for online takeaway, and I can certainly see why! This nifty little website has over 3000 restaurants on their database, with all of their menus on it. Click here to get on to the website!

How do you get started?

It's free and it's easy - you just hop onto their website, and create an account using your email address as your log in name, and also put in your suburb.

For example, if you're in Petersham, just put that in, and search through what restaurants deliver to your suburb. Click here to see what comes up when you seek Sydney takeaway places. It's amazing the number of places that deliver to mine - from places even further away than I thought would come here, which opened up a world of variety to me. 

You then click on what you want, then pay online, which means no juggling with change and cash when the food turns up! A lot of the eateries online also have a certain amount of % off for first time orders, a loyalty bonus when reaching a certain meal (ie 10th meal free) and there's also an option for pick up. Some places have free delivery, while others charge a small amount, like $3 in some cases, and most places seem to have a minimum amount that you can order, ranging from, from what I saw, $18 to $25.

While this sounds straightforward enough, here's the burning question - did they deliver? Absolutely! After I finished my transaction, I was sent a text message about the ETA of my dinner, which was very reassuring. Here's what turned up:

Sorry about the blurry pictures, but I was just so excited about dinner, I had to take quick snaps - I was starving! It was an absolute success, and one I would definitely be using again.

For those who are interested, but can't be bothered to switch on their computers, there's even an app for this now, which makes ordering food that much easier.

I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of the entire process. Mr Prince was also initally sceptical, so it was nice that this ran really smoothly, and we can now feed our cravings just by heading online!

Have you tried ordering via Menulog before? Would you use it?

*This post was sponsored, but my views and opinions are my own


  1. I do like the idea of this, but at the moment there is only one place listed for my suburb. It's probably a good idea for people living in the big cities.

    ~ Annie V. From

    1. That's a bit of a bummer! At least when you visit friends in a different area, you could get meal inspiration from Menulog for what to eat that night!

  2. I'm a country bumpkin so no good for me ;) but if I lived in the city.. for sure!! No cooking, no dishes.. don't even have to drive anywhere!! Love it!

  3. So good to see menulog on your blog :)

    Gosh.... the food you ordered looks amazing, I wish I can get ribs delivered to my home, those are ribs right?

    In fact... I will be using menulog tonight!

    1. That was so yummy - those ribs were super tasty! Hope you had a good Menulog night!

  4. I've heard so many ads for this service! Sounds good for those lazy days. Hopefully, I don't have too many of those. Man, those ribs and chips look gooooood!!!

    1. It's certainly a great one so that you can put your feet up and ignore your responsibilities in the kitchen!

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