July Bella Box Review 2014!

Sometimes, being a beauty blogger can get tricky - waiting for sunlight to take pictures, setting it up only to have lipsticks roll away from you, or getting it all right, only to have your furry nemesis take over! I love my cat, and he makes me laugh, but he gets so pushy sometimes, playing up to the camera!

To be fair, I was as eager to get it as he was to interrupt me! Bella Box is a monthly beauty box subscription and for $15 a month, it's also the cheapest. For more information, head over here. This month's theme is 'American Beauty', presumably due to it being the 4th of July earlier in the month.

This month, I received a total of 6 items! Not only that, I also got a couple of full sized ones.

Curious to see exactly what I got this month and to assess the value? Here goes!

1) StriVectin-EV Get Even Brightening Serum - I've tried some small samples from this brand before, and perhaps it's because the samples were too small to really appreciate, but I haven't been overwhelmed by them in the past. Still, I'm curious about this.

2) Designer Brands Paw Paw Plus Hand Cream (full size) - This has cocoa and shea butter in it (are those the pluses?), as well as jojoba oil and vitamin E, all the good stuff that your skin needs. Certainly, at $4.99, it wouldn't break the bank to find out.

3) Designer Brands Lip Butter in Mango - YAY! Something that I got in a flavour that I LOVE, and not coconut, for the first time in, like, forever. This sounds yummy - can't wait to use it!

4) Nicole by OPI Nail Lacquer in You Can! (full size) - I love this! It's like a pearly, creamy shade, and I don't have anything like this yet, so this is awesome. This was also impossible to photograph.

5) Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius Waterproof Topcoat - Pretty much what it says it is! Waterproof ANY mascara? Yes, please!

6) Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream - Another odd little disappointment, having received this in a previous BB box. While I liked it enough, I would have preferred a new product to trial.

Overall, a delightful box from Bella Box, even with the inclusion of number 6. Bella Box has definitely been raising their game, being the one company that sends them out earlier than the others, and generally getting their act together and being brilliant! Valued around $49.75, it's worth it for $15!

Have you received your box yet? Which Bella Box has been your favourite over the last few months?


  1. I'm not subscribed, I actually dropped my sub year(s) ago because I was a bit over the overload of skincare!

    It's not a bad box though, I think the lip balm and Nicole by OPI polish are great inclusions. I know how exciting it is to finally get a product in a shade/flavour you actually like! :)

    1. I know what you mean - there's definitely a very skincare heavy theme going on at BB! It's amazing when you open the box and there's a shade you love in it!

  2. Really like the look of the Anastasia make any mascara waterproof. Let us know if it works?
    Still not convinced on the subscription boxes but not completely close minded either.

    1. I'm definitely a fan! Sometimes it can be hit and miss, but other times, it's almost like hitting the jackpot!

  3. The mascara waterproof stuff sounds really interesting.. review please! :)

  4. It sure takes a lot of effort creating a beauty blog. Well done on a good job. ^^

    1. Thanks, hon, I really appreciate you saying this!


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