Lust Have It Winter Eco Box Review 2014!

Happy Tuesday! Thanks to the voucher we recently received from Lust Have It, which took $20 off the price of a box (FaB, Eco, Chloe Morello and Bridal), I decided that I'd try Eco Box again, and it arrived yesterday! As you might be able to tell - there's another Hello Fresh voucher in this one!

Here's everything that I received in the box - certainly not bad value for $9.95, when it's normally $29.95!

It's a bit of a mix bag, and certainly quite heavy on the skincare, which was why I stopped subscribing to it in the first place - I was starting to collect too many cleansers!

1) Billie Goat Original Soap (full size) - I've used this before and quite liked it, so even though I'm not a bar soap kinda gal, this is going to get a workout in the shower. I do remember it being one that melted pretty quickly, though! 

2) Sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser - Oh, Lust Have It! I got this in my LAST Eco box, so it's a little disappointing to see this turn up again. I do know one little vegan who would gladly take this off my hands, though, so at least it would be useful.

3) Natural Glamour 2GLO Mineral Bronzing Powder Winter (full size) - Yeowzas! A full size bronzer! This is a welcome sight in the box. This isn't a brand I've ever tried before (which, to me, is the point of having beauty boxes), so I'm pretty excited to give this a go!

4) The Jojoba Company 100% Natural Australian Jojoba - This oil is meant to help with all sorts of problematic skin conditions. Intriguing and promising... This might go on holidays with me, as it's in a handy little bottle.

5) Karpati Biocellulose Eye Essence Mask (full size) - Meant to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, I'm pretty excited about it. The one line, however, that gets me from the product card is, and I qupte,"This mask resembles the human skin and is unlike any other mask treatment available". First of all, eww, and secondly - gimme! This will be a fun one to try out!

6) La Mav Bio A-7 Firming Eye Lotion - I don't know how much is in this little tub, but there's certainly enough for a couple of uses. This was apparently voted "Best Eye Cream" in 2010.

7) Weleda Oat Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner - Meant to reduce breakage and split ends and help hydrate the hair, it's going to be hard to tell with one use, but this will be great for a long weekend.
$2.10 total

For the discounted price of $9.95, this was an absolute bargain! If I'd paid $29.95, it would have still been a steal. At just about under $90, it's good value if you'd like a skincare heavy quarterly beauty box. For those interested in this service, head to Lust Have It to find out more!

Are you subscribed to the quarterly Eco Box? Would you be interested in it?


  1. I didn't end up using the voucher code! Really good value on this box when used with it. The Karpati mask is really plastic-y and I remember not thinking much of it at all.. pretty sure I did a review..?

    1. Oh... Come to think of it, I think you did! Shucks... A little less excited now!

  2. Not a bad selection of products in this box! It's annoying that you got something again from the same box (that just doesn't make sense). I have enjoyed the jojoba oil form that brand, I used it on my skin and hair. Hope you get some good use out of the products!

    1. I definitely agree with that - the whole point is to try something new. Good to know about the oil - I'm looking forward to it now!

  3. The jojoba oil sounds interesting, keep us posted! I've seen it around at a few places and I'm always intrigued.

  4. Pretty good value! love the content. I remmeber when I was obsessed with Billie goat soap, it made so many promises on today tonight haha.. I bought 4 and was expecting miracles but ahh... it was just a decent soap.

    1. I love that you were obsessed with them! It's so melty, though!


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