High Tea at The Wooden Spoon and Bar, Cremorne, Sydney

Hello lovelies! What did you lot get up to over the weekend? It was super sunny here in Sydney, so I managed to get a lot of laundry done (exciting!), and had dinner at Sepia on Saturday night, which was awesome, and I also got the chance to go to high tea on Sunday, which made the weekend an entirely foodie event! Yum, yum, yum...

For high tea, I kept things simple, pairing a Portmans knit with Glassons leggings and Airflex boots. All the better to hide food babies with!

The Wooden Spoon and Bar is located in Cremorne, on Military Road. When we arrived, we were shown to an atrium-like area within the building. 

It's a little hard to describe, but essentially, it's still indoors, with high ceilings, a glass roof and lots of gorgeous sunlight streaming through. 

As we sat there, it was clear to us that it was going to be a pretty packed afternoon, with the number of settings they had, all spaced out.

We started off with a glass of bubbly each, and while we waited, we noticed that there was only 1 waiter to the 10 tables that were brimming with people, and the waiter never once faltered! The service was steady and always with a smile - he was brilliant!

Instead of 3 tiers, our food was served to us on 2 tiers, with the savouries at the bottom and deserts on the top. 

We worked our way through the sandwiches at the bottom, from the egg/mayo/spinach, to the smoked trout, roast beef, seafood tart, frittata and chicken rice paper roll. 

The sweets! Ahh, the sweets... The melting moments was the stand out desert, as was the banoffee pie/tart. I found the caramel pudding to have an interesting flavour, which Mr Prince pointed out to be lemongrass, an interesting fusion, and the Japanese doughnut and green tea slice were both reasonably tasty.

I didn't think much of their jam, to be honest. It certainly wasn't anything amazing, but the cream was ok.

We finished our meal by having a chamomile tea for me, and flat white for him. It was a very satisfying meal and while it was quite busy the entire time we were there, the service was excellent. I would have preferred for the tea have been present while we were eating, but as it worked out, this was pretty good too.

Overall, for a high tea in a restaurant/bar, this was, on the whole quite tasty and reasonably interesting.

I would rate this:


  1. Love your outfit Leah and seems like you enjoyed your high tea�� I have not been to one in ages now ��

    1. Thanks, hon! I was going for comfortable - just enough to hide the food baby!

  2. The desserts look so yummy!


  3. I always love a nice afternoon tea! Looks like you enjoyed it. ^^


  4. I saw a voucher for high tea in cremone just then but decided it's too far :( The food looks pretty good but wait wait.... 1 scone? Or are you hiding the others?

    1. Haha! No, I promise I wasn't hiding it in my belly! Yes, it was just one scone each, but rather tasty ones!

  5. Ah, how lovely! I've never been to high tea, but have definitely been tempted. These goodies look great! Loving your outfit too :)



    1. Thanks, hon! It was a really nice way to pass a Sunday!


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