Review: Covergirl Peacock Flare Mascara

Who doesn't like a bit of flare in their lives? I know I certainly do! The brand new Covergirl Peacock Flare Mascara has just launched, and it's seriously growing on me!

What does it claim to do? It's supposed to help you achieve full fanned, thick lush lashes. The brush is meant to catch each lash, coating them efficiently while separating each one of them. The formula is supposed to give clump free volume, transforming your lashes with, well, a flare!

Let's start by talking about the packaging itself. I have to say, it's absolutely gorgeous! This comes in a teal tube, with rubberised sides, so that you can hang on to it better (so good when my hands are slightly damp after applying my foundation). The brush has a twisting pattern, so it does actually get the lashes quite nicely. I like how when it goes onto the lashes, it really doesn't clump, so it lives up to what it says it does.

Sadly, however, it doesn't perform phenomenally well on my straight Asian lashes, in that while you can tell I'm wearing mascara, the lashes don't hold a curl, nor does it really add more oomph to the lashes. However, for a day mascara where I don't want to look like I'm wearing too much (or trying too hard), this doesn't smudge on me (a very big bonus!) and it doesn't flake at all when I've worn it.

I've been using this daily, and while part of me wishes it would be more remarkable on me, it's certainly good for daily use. Now available from Big W, Priceline, Coles, Target and selected pharmacies, this baby retails for $21.95.

Have you tried this yet? What's your favourite Covergirl mascara?

*This product was provided for editorial consideration