New Release: L'Oreal Sugar Scrubs

It's not that I don't want no scrubs (great 90s reference there!), it's really more like I want all of the scrubs, particularly when it comes to L'Oreal's brand new Sugar Scrubs!

They have created three different 100% natural exfoliants to target a number of issues. All three of them contain sugars (brown, blonde and white) at the heart of the formula to provide deep and gentle exfoliation. These are appropriate for both the face and lips, and are as easy to use as scooping a dollop out, applying it to dry skin, massaging it in circular motions, then rinsing it off! They come in clear glass jars with a beige screw cap, making it easy enough to get the product out of them.

The different types of Sugar Scrubs are:
  • Glow scrub to brighten skin - contains grapeseed oil, vitamin E, Monoi oil and acai powder, all combined to boost radiance, illuminate dull skin and moisturise while refining the skin's texture.
  • Purifying scrub to clear blackheads - contains kiwi seeds to exfoliate the skin and reduce blackheads, as well as peppermint essential oil and lemongrass essential oil for soothe the skin and reduce blemishes while purifying the skin.
  • Nourishing scrub for dry skin -  contains cocoa butter to add moisture, as well as coconut oil to protect the skin's barrier and cocoa grains to exfoliate and soften the skin. 

I'm excited to try the Glow scrub, but to also trot out the Nourishing scrub when the cooler weather sets in. If only you could smell these guys too, because they are absolutely stunning in person! The Purifying scrub, in particular, smells just like kiwi jam - I could almost eat it! You'll be able to pick these up in Priceline, as well as other places that stock L'Oreal, for $19.95 for 50 ml.

What is your skin type? Which would you get?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration