Christmas Gift Inspiration 5: Poni Cosmetics

Poni Cosmetics has been hitting it out of the park this year, with their liquid liner, highlighter, blush and bronzer releases, and now, they even have Christmas packs, just in time for the festive season!
These Christmas packs are awesome for your brow-obsessed bestie, so buckle in, and read all about these super cuties!

There are three different packs in total, including:
1) Essentials Gift Pack - $99
- White Knight mascara
- Brow Magic pencil
- Unicorn Chocolate bronzer
- FREE Pegasus liquid liner

2) Natural Noel Gift Pack - $58
- Brow Magic pencil
- Zebra brow gel
- FREE Tweezers

3) Holiday Brows Gift Pack - $66
- Zebra brow gel
- Mane Stain in either Chestnut, Little Palomino, Palomino or Thoroughbred
- Pro brow brush

I think I'm going to be hinting rather heavily to my other half about the Essentials Gift Pack in the lead up to Christmas! You just find out more about the brand and their packs over here.

Can you think of the perfect person to give this to? Have you tried Poni Cosmetics products before?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration