Review: Rimmel Provocalips 16 Hour Kiss Proof Lipcolour *

With all the beautiful products that are currently clamouring for your attention on the market, it can be hard to tell what's right for you. Thankfully, that's what I enjoy doing as a blogger - test driving the best and the brightest that are available!

I was recently sent the entire set of Provocalips by Rimmel, and while the range may be small, it does feel like there's something for everyone.

How do they work? It's pretty easy - first, apply the colour, let it dry down, then put a coat of the sealant over the top and hey presto! I said it was easy!

Skinny Dipping is a nude brown shade that does blend with my skin colour a little, which is a little too nude, if you know what I mean. On the upside, my lips look HUGE with this on!

A mix between a brick brown and red, Make Your Move is more my kind of nude! A hugely wearable colour, I love the way this adds a little something to a daily look.

Dare To Pink is a light pink that is great for the bright Summer days when you want some colour on that isn't dark.

I'll call you is a nice girly, non-cotton candy pink. Again, another shade that I've worn on a couple of occasions and really liked. 

Little Minx might be the one shade that hasn't quite translated across as well, but it's a hot pink shade that brings a lot of attention to your lips, so prepare to pucker up!

Kiss Me You Fool is a bit of a fire engine red, so it's a bit cool for me, but very attention grabbing.

Ahh... Play With Fire! Without a doubt, my most commonly reached for colour. This is a great deep red that is wearable at all times of the day! 

Kiss Fatal is an almost purple shade, a dark wine colour, but without the 90's vibe. Great for going out at night!

This ends with a glossy finish and they claim that it lasts for up to 16 hours on the lips. While I can drink and snack lightly with this on my lips, I can't get through a whole meal without having to reapply. 

What is really great about them is that this can hold up on windy days, when you want some serious colour on your lips, but you don't want to be dragging strands of hair out of your mouth/lips, leaving streak marks on your cheeks. Also, wearing this means that you don't have to check your teeth for colour after an application - a bonus on a date!

I also love that I can wear them and kiss the man, and it doesn't come off on him - oddly enough, he loves that too!

While it is a little disappointing that this doesn't last past a meal, I can honestly say that this is one heck of a lippie to scrub off your lips when you're done with it - you can't give it the kiss off easily!

Retailing at $17.95, you can find them at most pharmacies. Have you tried them out yet? What's your favourite shade?

* These products were kindly sent to me for my consideration


  1. I like what you did with the swatches here =) Man, it's so annoying having to get hair out of the lip product/talking funny so it doesn't get on the teeth/kissing your man and have him wear the lippie haha. I probably won't look into these, as I've got so many lip products but they do look very promising!
    xx Kat @ Katness

    1. We've all been there! These hold up quite well on a not eating basis, I have to say.

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  3. urgh, my computer ate my comment! I didn't find these as fantastic as all the hype led me to believe they would be, they dry really quickly on my lips and like you I find the colour disappears from the center of my lips after eating. I find I have to reapply the gloss almost hourly - and I'm not a fan of the scent of the gloss - but they def last longer than most. I'll call You is my favourite shade for sure.

    1. I'll call you is currently on the top of my list! I've been reaching for more pinks than reds recently, and it's great for the windy days!


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