Review: Crazy Rumours Hibiskiss Lip Colour *


I was recently given the chance to trial some cruelty free goodies from the Crazy Rumours line, care of Miss Pearl Store, which stocks some excellent eco friendly products that aren't tested on animals. If you haven't had the chance to check out what she stocks, head over here now! Additionally, she offers free shipping throughout Australia with a minimum spend of $15, which means you can put more towards the beauty products - winning!

Crazy Rumours has a line of flavoured lip balms, and in addition to them, they also have a range of coloured lip balms, HibisKiss.

I was gifted four shades, Pearl, Coral, Tropical and Breeze. 

Pearl is a shimmery pink that adds just the lightest metallic sheen to the lips - a great shade to have at the beach!

Coral is 'like my lips but better' essentially, and on me, this is best for every day wear.

Tropical is a mauve-ish shade that is just a teensy bit darker than the Coral lippie, and is probably the most worn lip colour of the four of them.

Breeze is the darkest shade out of all four of them, and even then, it's not very dark. It's a pretty 'hint of wine' shade, which is where I might be wearing this next - wine tasting, so I just end up leaving a smudge on the glasses, rather than huge marks, but still have something moisturising on my lips!

Pearl; Coral; Tropical; Breeze

These swatches came about after three swipes per lippie - as you can see, not very pigmented, but great for those seeking a lip balm that adds a little something. They stick around for a long as you don't do too much with your mouth, and they keep your lips soft and moisturised.

In addition to colour, they also have a great smell - it reminds me of bubblegum and lemonade - yum! Sadly, it doesn't have any taste, but on the upside, that's less of an incentive to eat what's on your lips. All that and cruelty free? Definitely a bag necessity!

These slim lippies retail for $6.50 and you can find them here.

Have you tried anything from Crazy Rumours before? What's your favourite shade?

*These products were kindly provided for my consideration.


  1. Nice to see some cruelty free products out there. The sheer colours look really nice, I like the Tropical shade!
    xx Kat @ Katness

  2. I've been pretty obsessed with tinted balms lately- my lips get super dry over the winter, but I don't want to forego colour! Always nice to hear about new cruelty-free brands :)


    1. Perish forbid you should ever have to forego colour! This isn't terribly pigmented, but it's lovely on the lips.

  3. I love sheer, moisturizing lip tints more than any other products, these are excellent :)

    1. They really are very pretty on the lips!

  4. Breeze looks like an amazing colour! Very good review, thank you for posting :)
    You have an amazing blog! Glad I found it :)

    -Emily xox

    Wiyld - Beauty | Fashion | Thoughts | Lifestyle

  5. I love Crazy Rumours! I've been using various Lip balms from them (including the Hibiscus lip colours) for a while now and am very happy. ^^

    1. I love the colour free mint choc chip one that I have!


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