February Her Fashion Box Review 2014!

My last subscription box of the month arrived at the end of the week, just getting in before the end of the month - cutting it a little close! Nevertheless, it's awesome having it here - I do love this particular sub, I'll admit.

As the parcel arrived in a plastic wrapping this month, I was a little confused, but once I opened it, I could see why. Included were these two Shop Til You Drop magazines (when did they become fortnightly issues?!?! I feel really behind the times!), one of which was included as my bonus for doing the survey last month.

It also came in a smaller box than usual. I will admit to having a moment of 'oh no!', but then, I opened the box, and found it to be stuffed with beauty items!

Here's everything that I found in the box when I opened it! It was a bit of a Tardis, crammed full with stuff. I was impressed that it all fit in there to begin with.

To kick things off, I went through my usual routine of flipping through the included magazine to see what the other boxes got this month. I'm currently subscribed to Feminine, and at $39.95 per month, I will admit to sometimes getting box envy, but Feminine is a very safe choice for me, as I mostly love what I get from this range.

For anyone interested, there's a shot of me in the back of the magazine again this month! They gather certain shots from Instagram (you'll find me @temporaryprincess) and pop them on the back page, and there's one of me using the scarf from last month as a makeshift sling.

Who hasn't used a ChapStick product in the past? With the number of lip products on the market these days, my trusty old ChapSticks have been all but forgotten, so it's nice to see this in the box. As someone who suffers from surprisingly dry lips (and I mean DRY with lots of peeling skin and sad looking lips), particularly as we're now in Autumn, this is definitely a product I'd like to test drive! 

I'm not huge for wearing things on my lips at night, but have put Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream on my lips previously, so I'll give it a go and report back.

As someone who didn't have much of a chance to experience Summer this year, thanks to my accident, this is a product that could be handy in a couple of weeks! Given that it's been wet, rainy and cold recently, I'm sure that my sad little tan will fade soon, despite my generally olive/dark skin. I have a Le Tan version of this as well, so I'll have something to compare it against.

Interestingly, I got a light/medium version of this, even though I think the dark version would be better suited to me, so we'll see how it goes!

Urban Rituelle! How lovely to see you in this box! I first fell for an Urban Rituelle scent when I was up in Byron Bay with Mr Prince, and it perfectly captured our trip, and since have had a soft spot for this range. I received an EDP in Ginger Apple. There was a code that expired on the 28th, which I didn't get to use, sadly, because I didn't open my box until then!

While there's nothing about this in the magazine, it's fairly self explanatory. These Shadow Shields prevent eyeshadow from drifting beneath your eyes. I get this sometimes with loose pigments, so I might trot them out then.

What's in the bag? I think that might deserve a post of it's own! According to the magazine, it's a Mirenesse Lip Bomb  Glossy Lacquer Stain that comes out on the 12th of May, which, excitingly, sounds like we got it way before it's available. I haven't had a peek yet, but it's supposed to be pink, and is meant to be a gloss, stain and lacquer. Eee! I love me a lippie - mustn't get hopes up just yet, though! Stay tuned for more!

With all the excitement of the beauty products, I almost forgot about getting to the accessories! We got the Soulful necklace, 3 layer heart necklace, and it's quite cute, if a little delicate. The chains look like little ball bearings put together.

There are also three little bow bracelets called Sun Ray, and you can mix and match them as you like. They are reasonably cute, but a little delicate.

My take on this month's box? Her Fashion Box listened to our take on things for this month (or mine, at least - I asked for more beauty items) by providing new and exciting beauty products not yet on the market, but I feel that they might have let things slide a bit on the accessory front this month - not the best move, seeing as it's a fashion box primarily.

I'll need to take the accessories out for a spin soon to see how they perform. I do think they're cute, but I feel that the necklace is a little too 'tweeny' for my taste. That said, I am constantly surprised by how they fit in with my wardrobe, and I do get compliments on their items a fair bit. 

As a side note, I would like to say that I was recently asked to contribute to the review section of the HFB site by submitting reviews of beauty items from the boxes. It's nice that they're sharing a link to my blog (yay!), but I would also like to state that my opinions are still my own, and that I'm still paying for all of the boxes with my own money.

For anyone who's looking for more information on Her Fashion Box (which ships worldwide at no additional charge!), look over here

Are you happy with your box this month? Would you rather have more beauty items, or more accessories?


  1. So cute bracelets! they look really cute :'33
    I also love your new magazines!
    Enjoy your new stuffs dear! : )

    ❤ ✿ VISIT MY BLOG ✿ ❤

  2. Mirenesse is a good brand and their lip products are gorgeous. I am a big fan of Urban Rituelle, my husband uses nothing but their soaps, we have a little store in our country town which sells UR and that's where he goes and picks up his soap lol........ The store also sells gorgeous handbags and when Hubby gets soap I usually get a handbag, Lucky Me!

    1. I have tried a mascara before, and quite liked it - I remember it being really easy to remove, which is more than I can say for my current one, which is Benefit's they're Real! That's so sweet of your man! Haha... That's a great way to build up a handbag collection!

  3. Good box this month, looking forward to seeing what Mirenesse you got x

    1. It's beauty heavy, definitely what I was asking for!

  4. Oh nice box! For a non-jewelry wearer, I loved all the instagram photos you had up with jewelries from HFB! I'm looking forward to see your mirenesse post! ^_^ oh and congrats for your upcoming review features!!

    1. Thanks Lily! I do actually really like their accessories on the whole - it also forces me to accessorize on lazy days!


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