January BellaBox Review!

Ciao Bella! Looks like I might be one of the last to get my box this month! I've seen a couple of different variations, and I didn't get the same one that I've viewed on other blogs, so that's pretty good! 

The first thing I noticed this month was the new packaging - again! Anything's better than the pillow box disaster last year. Similar to last month's design, it's pretty sturdy. Let's have a look at what's in the box!

A little sticker on black tissue paper!

And here's a list of everything I received this month!

And here's everything that I got for $15 this month! For those who are interested (and let's face it, most people already know what BellaBox is, but just in case...), BellaBox is a monthly subscription box that sends you a number of beauty items for $15. For those looking at subscribing, you get sign up here.

Let's break down what's in the box this January.

1) Vaseline Aloe Fresh Daily Body Lotion SPF 15 - I've used the non-SPF version before and really liked it. This will be handy for travel in a tropical country!

2) Avene Soothing Moisture Mask - this mask is apparently preservative free! Yes, yes, I know, it's another Avene product, but at least it's one that I haven't tried before. This will be taken on trips in the future.

3) Avene Hydrance Optimale Rich Hydrating Cream - meant to be a day and night moisturiser (which I would never use as both!), it's supposed to be really hydrating. Something to crack open this Winter?

4) INM Natural Manicure/Pedicure Nail File - a girl can never have enough nail files!

5) Banana Boat Everyday SPF 30+ - a little bonus item, I'll be slipping this into my bag for CMC Rocks the Hunter in March so that Mr Prince and I don't end up looking like lobsters!
$ 0.79

6) Model Co Fat Lash Volumising Mascara - well hello there, Model Co, of course you're in the first box of the year! I know a lot of people are sick of Model Co products, but I'm choosing to see it as another mascara, not a Model Co item. I've mostly heard some not great things about this mascara, but I'm willing to give it a go, so let's find out what I think about it a couple of months down the road! This has been likened to the Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara and they're Real by Benefit, due to the spiky ball at the end of the brush. I've enjoyed the latter, and not so much the former, so we'll see!

7) Ebony C Kabuki Brush - made from 100% goat's hair, I do have a bit of a brush fetish, so this is a nice addition, although I already have a kabuki brush that I'm currently using, so I might not be using this for now. 

Not a bad box, and I'm glad I didn't get the body wash, but bit bummed I didn't get a hairspray. Valued at $55.26, it's not a bad box for $15! 

What did you get in your box this month? Are you happy with your selection?


  1. Jellybelly of you for that brush!

  2. 100% goat's hair brush sounds amazing! x) I need it in my collection :'D

    ✿ Rinako ✿

    1. I'm going to take it for a spin and see how it goes!

  3. Amazing items!!!!


  4. great stuff in your box dear :) xx

    1. Thanks hon! Wish we had more options for beauty boxes, though!

  5. How does the goat's hair brush fair on the animal cruelty radar? Would you prefer synthetic? I love Kabuki brushes so would always have room for more! I wouldn't be disappointed with this box.. but not overly thrilled either. A nice selection of products and I would happily try each of them xx hope you're feeling better :)

    1. I have a synthetic one, and I love it! Not sure if it's any good yet - we'll have to see! Thanks for your lovely wishes, as always! Does this box make you want to go back to BB?


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