Her Fashion Box January Review!

It's here, it's here, it's here! My favourite subscription box out of all 3 of them. This one happens to be the most expensive of the lot, but generally crammed full of stuff! Here's the bang I got for my $40 this month!

For those on Instagram, tagging Her Fashion Box gives you the chance to potentially end up on the back page of their magazine, which is included in each box. Temporary Princess is on it again this month!

I went with Trendy this month, just for something different, hence the leppy print paper, and here's what I got! Incidentally, for those not in the know, Her Fashion Box now ships WORLDWIDE for free, from what I could gather on their page, and you get to pick from three different styles, Classic, Feminine and Trendy. This month, HFB also paired up with Cantik Swimwear to bring a couple of interesting items to the table.

Hello, exploding box of stuff! Let's get into it!

1) Muesliforme Muesli Sample - this company allows you to create your own mix of muesli, then sends it to your door on a monthly basis! Sounds like fun, but not terribly exciting, and I can also get the same ingredients from the supermarket. I've already eaten this, and wasn't entirely bowled over, sadly. 

2) Blueberry Purse - I love the colour of this little purse! The options from the other styles are not as cute, so this is really awesome! 

3) Zest Necklace - I think I prefer the other options, particularly the Classic box one, but part of being a subscriber is trying out new things, so it's actually not a bad necklace! This could brighten up an outfit, and bring on a new Summer look.

4) Green Smoothie Co (2 sachets) - these little sachets are PACKED with healthy goodness. Ideal in a smoothie, I've already put this through with a chocolate shake mix and some bananas. The taste is quite obvious, but not in a bad way. I think this might be HFB's way of trying to get the word out about their new box, Her Fitness Box!

5) Voucher for Muesliforme for 20% off the first month - I'm unlikely to use this.

6) Voucher for adoretanning.com - with my skintone, I'm also unlikely to be using this.

7) Hard cover notebook by Cantik - it's really quite Summery and pretty - good for jotting down notes for my blog, perhaps? 

8) Elixir Scarf - how Summery does this look? While I think the other options are gorgeous too, this yellow one is particularly bright and beautiful. I'm going to use this as a sarong wrap, and it's also soft enough to use as a scarf when it's cooler, so, hello, dual use item!

9) Urban Rituelle Lip Balm in Coconut - this looks so gorgeous, but unfortunately, Coconut happens to be my least favourite flavour. That said, I do like certainly coconut washes and stuff, so maybe this will end up being ok! I wish I'd gotten the Milkshake or Mango one, though!

10)  Babe Coffee Body Scrub - love the look of this one! It's supposed to fix the lumps, bumps and cellulite on the body, but as we all know, anything that promises to be this good is generally a bit TOO amazing, so colour me sceptical until that moment comes! A review to follow!

11) J Bronze Face Flawless Tan and Shimmer Instant Illuminiser (2 and 1 sachets respectively) - ahh, sachets! I don't think I really need any self tanner, but I may include these in a giveaway or something. The illuminiser looks like fun, though!

12) Ulta3 Lipstick in Cherry Wine - obtained as a bonus for doing my feedback, but I already have this colour! It's a pretty good lippie for something so affordable - I highly recommend picking this up to try. 

13) Pocket Manicure Kit - too cute! It's a blue leppy print and really adorable! Comes with two nail clippers - I'm assuming one is for toes and the others for fingers.

HFB's team has been great with helping me with problems, as usual, so cheers to them!

And that is absolutely everything! What did you get in your box this month? Are you satisfied with your items?


  1. some great stuff in your box dear :) xx

    1. i am glad you are my dear :) xx

  2. Great post, love all the goods!!!


    1. Thanks - it makes me less envious of other beauty boxes.

  3. This box is full to the brim with goodies! The Urban Rituelle lip balm sounds nice :) hope you enjoy this box!

    1. Thanks! I've already used up some of the items from it!

  4. Great stuffs! x33

    ✿ Rinako ✿

  5. Cool!


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