Review: Nu Skin Powerlips Polish Duo Lip Shine

Even though Spring is only starting in Sydney, we've already hit a series of really warm days - so much so that you can be forgiven for thinking that Winter has no place in Australia. Along with the gorgeousness of the sunshine that can be seen streaming in through my open windows, I get the feeling we will be blinded by something else these warmer months, and that would be the Nu Skin Powerlips Polish Duo Lip Shines!

Say hello to pigmented, shiny lips! We're talking 12 shades of rich colour with glossy shine, formulated with a Tea Rose Complex that contains ingredients that work together to keep your lips looking smooth and feeling hydrated. The concept is simple - just brush the colour over the lips, let it dry down a little bit, then apply a slick of gloss over the top, and you're ready to bounce!

I found it hard to determine when to put the gloss over the top initially, because the colour is so light and doesn't weigh, like, anything, and doesn't dry down like matte lip shades do, where the lips really do get quite dry, that I couldn't really tell at first. I have to say, this seriously goes to show how comfortable it is on the lips! 

The pigmentation is seriously fantastic! I have been going nuts for the shade, Genuine, ever since I started test driving these babies. It wears well, even after the gloss wears off, and the colour sticks on the for aaaaggggeeeessss. I mean, I wore this and had a pizza dinner with it, and while the gloss disappeared within minutes, the lip colour stuck around for another 5 or so hours, and even after I had a shower and brushed my teeth, my lips still had a peachy pink tinge to them - how's that for impressive?

If you're looking for something to add a little shine to your lips (and life!), these retail for $45 each, and you can find them over here. I'm absolutely loving the formula, with the colour hanging around for hours, and the gloss not being overly sticky - it's definitely going to feature heavily this Summer! 

Does your lippie finish vary depending on what season you're in?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration


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