Review: My Clarins RE-FRESH Hydrating Beauty Mist

Now that the days are warming up, I've noticed that my skin needs a bit more loving. It's getting a little hot, while staying dry, because we haven't quite hit that humid pocket of Summer just yet, and I've been loving a little bit of a refreshing spritz during the course of the day to help freshen my skin, and help me stay dewy. 

I purchased the My Clarins RE-FRESH Hydrating Beauty Mist recently, because there was a Clarins-shaped hole in my life. I wanted to dip my toe back into the Clarins pool, as the last time I had a Clarins product was quite a few years ago, and I'd been lusting after the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil. Coincidentally, it turned out that they were having a special at that point and doing a gift with purchase if you bought two or more products, so I reached for the My Clarins RE-FRESH Hydrating Beauty Mist.

This is a relatively inexpensive spray, coming in at $29 for 100 ml of liquid. The nozzle on this works beautifully, and leaves you with a light misting on the skin. The bottle itself is a heavy, white bottle, and the spray is a pretty coral pink. This has a gorgeous, floral fruity scent, which I adore, and I find this to help add a bit of moisture to the skin when it needs it, without disturbing my makeup. 

The ingredients in this include fig extract to help hydrate the skin, acerola fruit extract to aid in the proper oxygenation of the skin, and alpenrose and coconut tree, which are part of a complex they created for healthy skin, the Healthy Skin [In&Out] Complex. I use this after cleansing, before putting on any lotions or creams, and I also use this throughout the day to give my skin a bit of a moisture boost. 

You can find it over here, and grab one for the warmer days ahead! What's your favourite facial spray?