How To: Get Volume In Your Hair

Thanks to COVID, and a very short, but very cute, haircut that was done back in October of 2019 (oh, how we long for the easier days, and a calmer time), I ended up waiting for almost a whole year before I plucked up the courage to get my hair trimmed again. Given the close contact between hairdressers and people hoping for that next big hair miracle to happen (that would be me), I wasn't quite game to get into the chair until very recently. That said, I'm really glad that I did, because, quite frankly, my hair looks amazing!

I went with a bit of a texturised lob, so that meant layers, and a shorter length than was my go to for a long time. This length really does suit me, and I find it easy to style and manage without hot tools - perfect for the laziest of lazy girls! That's when it occurred to me that I should be imparting my fantastic knowledge to y'all for how to shake up some volume in your hair, without it taking up all of your time!

It all starts with the kind of shampoo and conditioner that you choose to go with - volumising versions would naturally lay down the groundwork for you initially. Then, while your hair is still damp, add in a bit of volume mousse. I find three pumps of the Style Stories Volume Mousse to give me sufficient oomph, and my bottle of Kristin Ess Weightless Shine Leave-In Conditioner attends to my moisturising needs while not adding to the overall weight of my hair. This is really kind of like having my cake and eating it too!

Additionally, when my hair is flagging a little bit, and in need of a pick me up, then it's Batiste to the rescue! While they are known for all of their awesome dry shampoos, my pick of the lot would still have to be the Batiste Dry Shampoo & Volume. This stuff really shakes it up, and gives the roots lots of lift. I love me some hair with lots of body!

This will change a bit depending on my hair length, but these are my current go to products, and I'm absolutely loving them! What are your favourite hair volumising products?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration