Review: TIA'M My Signature Red C Serum

I adore Korean skincare, and I've been trying out the TIA'M My Signature Red C Serum, which has added further fuel to my love for it! This was sent to me a while back with a few other products, and I really liked the look of this, because it claimed to be of 20% pure vitamin C, as well as vitamin B12 and glutathione. Boasting the ability to help skin regenerate, while brightening it and improving skin tone as it firms the skin, this little cutie had me interested from the get go. Sounds like a lot, but can this baby really do it?

This comes in an amber dropper bottle, which can help in keeping the vitamin C viable for longer. The suction on this dropper bottle works really well, better, in fact, than you think it should. The product itself is a thin and watery serum, and a very lovely red shade. This is absorbed within seconds and it leaves your skin feeling like there's nothing on it at all. I did find that this was fizzy initially, when I first opened the bottle,which I thought was a little odd, but that has since died down a bit.

The scent isn't anything that I can quite put my finger on. Suffice to say, while it doesn't bother me, I'm glad that this one doesn't stick around. This may cause tingling of the skin, for those who may not be used to this percentage of vitamin C. From what I could find about this online, it's recommended to wear this with sunscreen, which you should really be doing anyway, regardless of whether you're using this serum or not, and if you've got sensitive skin, then you can just add a couple of drops of this to your toner and use it that way. 

I've been enjoying this serum for the last month, and it's certainly been a great success for me! I definitely feel like I have brighter skin, and that it looks clearer, not as congested. This is currently on sale for just under $20 for 30 ml, and you can find it over here. It's an amazingly effective serum, and I'm already halfway through it, so I'll definitely be finishing this bottle!

What's been your favourite Korean skincare discovery of 2020?

*This product was provided for editorial consideration