Review: Lumenis SplendorX Laser Hair Removal

The treatment room

Summer is coming - we all know it, we can feel it and this week, it's going to hit us even harder, because the weather is changing and we can all feel the warmth seeping in from the outside. It's going to be glorious! This, of course, means that we are also going to changing up our routines, and I know this, because that's what I do every year.

Hello there, pretty SplendorX!

This time, however, I've had a bit of a head start on Summer, and I began by dealing with that pesky something that I have to get sorted out regularly, and by that, I mean my fuzzy peach upper lip (yes, that's right, I'm talking about the lady 'stache) and my underarm hair. I have spent years shaving, using hair removal cream, epilating (and can I say, OUCH), and even went as far as to wax once, but I never had the guts to get things lasered. Until recently. And can I just say - what a flipping game changer! I mean - what? What on earth took me so long?

Well, settle down, kittens, because I'm about to tell you a tale of lasering with a happy ending, and I'm talking about Lumenis and their SplendorX system. I will be the first to admit that I'm a complete wuss with a low pain threshold. I'm not a fan of needles, or anything that might vaguely hurt, and that is why I have never really taken the plunge, when everyone else around me raved about it. However, I was very glad to be proven completely wrong about that point when I had my treatment recently.

Protective eyewear on, peace signs happening, because hello hair free upper lip!

It was my first beauty treatment since COVID started (hello, poor hair that hasn't been trimmed for almost a year), and I was very happy to see that the few people I saw there observed social distancing and wore masks - it wasn't an option, and it made me feel so much safer. I had to fill out a form, going through it all to make sure that I knew what I was signing up for, and I was also given a care sheet so that I would be able to anticipate what was next. I really liked that it was all 100% clear to me, and at no point did I feel like I didn't get any of it. 

A fashionable switch to bigger goggles for my underarms

I chose to try the Lumenis SplendorX machine on my upper lip hair and underarm hair as I wanted to target areas that could really stand out if I didn't do anything about them. More often than I'd like to admit, I catch sight of my fuzzy upper lip in bold sunshine and have a start - it's always more obvious than I think it is! Given that I don't like facial hair on my man, I can tell you that I don't like it on myself! 

The amazing Laura who did my treatment and walked me through everything in detail

The procedure was simple - I was given goggles to wear to protect my eyes, and it took a matter of seconds to sort out my upper lip. Yes, it was that easy! And, a little ticklish, but not at all painful! I actually giggled a little throughout my treatment. Then, we moved onto my underarms, and it was just as straightforward. I felt a bit of wind blowing onto my skin, and that was pretty much it. I couldn't believe it was over so quickly, and I had been prepared for it to be something painful, or unpleasant, and it honestly couldn't be further from the truth. Now, be warned, however, that you may feel a bit of pain if you were getting coarse hairs dealt with. I was told this as an aside, but as all the areas I wanted done were of finer hairs, I did not get any pain from my treatments.

I'm not going to explain to you how the machine works in targeting the hair follicles to retard and prevent hair growth, as the babes over at Lumenis could do a far better job, but suffice to say, fast forward to 4 weeks after my initial treatment, I only have positive things to say about it!  I have only shaved twice, which was an accident each time, because I forgot I was waiting to see how the hair growth would go, and lo and behold, hair in those areas is insanely hard to find these days.

My face after the treatment - note the lack of inflammation

I'm due for another treatment this week, and I honestly cannot wait to see how it goes from this point on - I mean, I may no longer to a slave to my shaver! If you're wanting to learn more about Lumenis, head to their website over here. Say hello to saving some time in the shower this Summer! What are your thoughts on laser hair removal? Have you heard of Lumenis before?

*This service was provided for editorial consideration