Post Party Pick-Me-Ups With Antipodes Duos

Ahhh, Summer! The season of perpetual parties here in Australia! While the Northern Hemisphere has their snow and below zero temperatures, Australia is gearing up for heatwaves, late nights and frose drinks around a swimming pool. This may sound pretty awesome, but it's not all fun and games for the skin - here's where a little love from Antipodes comes in!
Antipodes has consistently been one of my favourite skincare brands since I started blogging, and much like your liver, your skin will need to, at some point, have a bit of a break from all the fun, and focus on some post party/recovery skin.

They have now released 5 sets of mini duos to address all your different skincare needs, including:
1) Moisture boost
2) Anti-ageing
3) Skin brightening
4) Skin plumping
5) Skin defence

I picked anti-ageing, because, hey, another year, another possible wrinkle, so what better time to address this than now?

Each duo includes a 10 ml serum or oil, as well as a 15 ml cream. This is the perfect way to try the products without the accompanying price tag - plus, these are super cute and easy to tote around with you.

I am loving the Joyous serum, which is really more like an oil. It's not particularly thick or heavy, and packs a bit of a punch, all the while leaving the face feeling well loved. The Avocado Pear cream, on the other hand, is a little heavier, and the skin does feel nourished as a result of using it. I feel that this may be better for the drier months, but does work well on the nights when your skin is thirstier - which is usually when I've partied a little bit harder than I should have!

This party season, make sure you plan your recovery before you need it, because the tell tale signs of a hard night will show up on your skin!

Have you tried any Antipodes skincare before? What's your favourite?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration