Christmas Gift Inspiration 11: DIY Girly Hampers ft. Avene, Biore and John Frieda

Let's face it - I'm broke, because I have a shopping problem, and it's that time of year when everyone is buying up big. That said, if you can get extra bang for your buck, like running up loyalty points, such as at Priceline, or Myer, then, hey, it's a win-win, right? For those on a bit of a budget, if you're out to give a present that may look amazing without burning a massive hole in your pocket, then this is the post for you!

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Colour coordination is the best way to make something look super cute, so go for a range that can deliver the gift that you want to give, like good skin, or straight hair, then plan the extra little bits around it!

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I'm a fan of working in some healthy fruit, particularly at this time of the year, when there are so many tempting bits of food out there that are just begging to be eaten, and trust me, I'm ALLLLL about the unhealthy, so these are some pretty big words from me! However, you can't neglect the sweet tooth side of things, so make sure that you include a bit of that too!

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It's a simple, but effective, and pretty formula! Put together, all you need is:
1) A basket, or a bowl - think about what they can possibly reuse. You can even go for a pitcher, or a jug, as long as you can still get the products out!
2) Some colourful fruit that would work well aesthetically with the products you've picked.
3) Cookies with icing of a similar colour
4) Cellophane
5) Ribbons - choose colours that would work well, and you can go over the top with textures that might give it a bit more of a push.
6) Shredded paper 

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I love that this doesn't end up breaking the bank, and that it also means that you can turn the bowl into something useful, whether it's for fruit, or to mix cakes in, it's going to be super handy! To finish it off, just make sure you get enough cellophane and ribbon to close it up. 

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As for the shredded paper, if you're feeling eco friendly, then you can consider using some old newspaper. This also means that you can reuse it to create a bit of litter for someone's litter tray (specifically for those with cats) - absolutely genius!

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If you're not keen on the sweet stuff, then sticking with fruit may be the way to go. You can certainly get a little adventurous and add some mini alcohol bottles, as well as a lemon, if your recipient is keen on drinking spirits, and having a lemon chaser.

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Alternatively, if you're going with a darker colour, think about adding some chocolate to go with the healthy options, particularly if you're looking to splash out a little bit. Honestly, when you're doing your own hamper, there are no rules! Just remember to have fun with it, play around with some colours and most importantly, make a budget and try to push against the limits of it! 

There is so much you can do within a reasonable amount - don't let your budget stop you from thinking big! 

Are you a DIY kinda babe, or are you more into buying products as is?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration