Review: Eye of Horus Brow Fibre Extend

Eye of Horus is a brand that I've heard a lot about, but didn't have much to do with, until recently! And I have to say - why on earth didn't I get involved with the brand before that? I mean, what took me so long?

With that in mind, let me talk to you about one of my favourite new holy grail products - the Brow Fibre Extend! This baby is a brow product that has a small applicator, which allows you to brush on the amount that you want to in a precise manner. I love that this is a product that is really easy to control, hard to mess  up, and it's quite dark on me, which is amazing. 

This also has a relatively good staying power, which means that I don't have to worry about it rubbing off. I have been using this as a stand alone product, but when I need more oomph to the brows, I can use another medium, such as a pencil, or pomade for additional definition. This retails for $38, and comes in three colours. Honestly, I travelled with this for about 3 weeks, using just this for my brows, and I was really impressed with it!

As a sidenote, I also want to have a chat about their Bio Lash Life Mascara, which I've been using quite regularly. This creates volume for my lashes, and while they don't keep a curl well (on me, anyway - the curse of the Asian lashes!), I do love that they don't smudge. Let me repeat, they DO NOT SMUDGE. How fantastic is that, am I right? Well worth looking into, if you're keen on buying a new mascara! 

These babies retail for $38 each, and EOH is cruelty free and there are some products that are also vegan friendly. I'm loving the Brow Fibre Extend so much at the moment, I feel like I'm going to be running out soon!

What have you tried from EOH? What would you like to try?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration


  1. I've tried their Goddess Mascara, which I've been a fan of for years (keen to try the Bio Lash one just to see if its better though). I also own a couple of their pencil eyeliners (Bronze Amulet + Scarab Sapphire), as well as their Brow Define pencil (Dynasty is a great dupe for the ABH Brow Wiz in medium brown). Itching to try the Brow Fibre Extend now that I've tinted my brows!


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