Review: Braun Face Spa

The Braun Face Spa is one of the latest things to land on my desk, and not a moment too soon. This nifty little appliance has been a big help for my skin recently, and I've been looking forward to talking about it!

Let's get real for a minute and consider a little something - we all think about it, but we may not talk about it as much. What am I talking about, you ask? That would be facial hair, of course! Facial hair is a problem that we sometimes ignore (quite successfully, in my case - I forget about it for ages), and it generally rears it's ugly head when you're checking yourself out in broad daylight, or a well lit room.

Aside from wearing your usual 'milk moustache' with hair removal cream to deal with it, or finely shaving strategic areas (never tried this before, have heard of it), bleaching the little buggers out, or even using those little wax strips, what else can you do?

You can try the Braun Face Spa, of course! This is a mini facial epilator that comes with a cleansing brush attachment head, so that you can keep your skin as smooth as possible with this duo. There is also a lighted mirror in the pack, as well as a pouch to keep all the bits and bobs together.

This has two speeds, which makes it easy to use - just flick the switch from the middle to either side, and you're ready to get started! This is appropriate for removing fine hairs with their 10 micro-openings, and can be used on the chin, upper lip, forehead, and to also maintain the brows.

Getting the brush head on is also really easy. All you have to do is pull off the epilator head, pop on the brush attachment and it's ready to go! The brush is amazingly gentle on the skin  and works really well at cleansing the skin. 

I love the design, and the colours, of this device, not to mention what it can do! I will, however, be honest and tell you that it does hurt somewhat (I mean, those are small hairs it is yanking out, after all), but it does the job very nicely!

For just under $100, you can find this little beauty at the Shaver Shop, and you won't have to worry about your upper lip hair anymore - I know I don't! 

Do you have to deal with facial hair? What's your preferred method?

*This product was provided for editorial consideration