New Release: Colour by TBN High Impact Collection

New releases are always exciting - brand new, on the counter, shiny and untouched? My knees go weak just thinking about it! And when faced with beauty such as these new releases, priced at less than $5 each, well, my heart skips a beat!

Colour by TBN's new High Impact Collection, made up of pastels, duochromes and metallics, retails for only $2.95 per bottle. I mean, that is so meager, you could buy all 12 shades, and spend less than $40! And get change! 

There are 6 pastel shades (left upper corner) in total, with Nice To Mint You, Fairy Floss and Ice Queen pictured here. There is also a nude/peachy shade (Life's Peachy), a pink (Cosmopolitan) and purple (Lovin' Lavender).

The Metallics (bottom) come in Mirror Mirror, She's A Lady and Pot Of Gold. I love that they have both silver and gold, and the surprising addition of a molten purple. I wish they also had a rose gold or bronze, but I do love that they have a purple!

The Duochromes (right upper corner) also come in 3 shades, including Pink Glimmer, Mermaid and Mystique. These are the shades that I'm most excited about trying out, because duochromes are so pretty and different from all angles!

These are meant to have a new French formula and these are all cruelty free and too pretty to pass up! Stay tuned on Instagram for swatches, because these babies are going to be appearing on my digits soon!

Are you as excited about trying these nail polishes out as I am? What's your pick from the range?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration