Review: Rimmel Royal Cream Blush

I'll be the first to admit that cream blushes aren't my daily go to - I prefer to use brushes for everything, if at all possible, as my margin for time for error is very low in the mornings, given that I only have 30 minutes to get ready for work. However, when I heard that Rimmel was coming out with some new goodies, I knew that I had to find out what they were like, because Rimmel has really impressed me with a number of their innovative products!

The Royal Cream Blush comes in three different shades, and they retail for $11.95. 

Peach Jewel 001 is exactly like it sounds -  it's a bright, peachy shade that is perfect for the current season that we're having in Australia. This is great for if you'd just like to have a bit of a flush on the skin, like you've just been spending time in the sun.

Coral Queen 003 is more typical of my go to colour - a coral pink shade that I could wear all the time, and looks quite natural on my skin. I love this, and I've already worn this out on a number of occasions. 

These are easy to apply, and I prefer using my fingers for this - one swipe on and across the skin with a bit of blending is all you need! This has a cream to powder texture, and it's easy to blended without causing streaks. You can also build on it a little bit, but in this weather, I find I don't need much of it. 

I've started carrying Coral Queen around in my handbag, so that I can touch up on the fly, and it's been absolutely perfect!

Are you a cream or powder blush person? Have you tried this yet?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration