How To: Be Bridal Ready Part 1

It's December, and you know what means - Wedding Season is well and truly upon us! Having been to a million weddings and having gotten married myself, I know the kind of pressure that is on us when something this big and significant is happening. Remember to breathe, have fun, and keep in mind that a wedding is just a wedding, not your whole marriage.

That said, if you're feeling overwhelmed and you need a little help getting started, you've come to the right place! First of all, you need to keep in mind that preparation is key - this will help keep your stress levels low, and ensure that your skin is glowing on the day where you will be getting tons of pictures, and possibly a video, taken.

You'll be doing yourself and your makeup artist a real favour if you were to use SPF 30+ and above during the day, at all times. And who better to advise you on it, than The Cancer Council? They have a whole range of skincare, from regular moisturiser to matte suncreen, and BB creme to foundation, which I was previously unaware of. They also have lipcare, like lip balm with SPF 50 + in it, as well as lipstick and lip gloss, which aren't pictured here. For more information on their products, make sur you check out their website over here.  

If you have unpredictable skin, and you're afraid to invest too much money on full sized items, just in case it doesn't agree with your face, then consider getting a pack that contains everything you'll need to start out with. One such kit is the Precious Pack by Dr Roebuck's. Dr Roebuck's is an Australian owned cruelty free brand that is free from parabens, sulphates, BPA and synthetic fragrances. This particular pack contains a lip balm, a polish, and two types of moisturisers - perfect to figure out if i would work on you!

For those who feel a little more confident about their skin, Face is the most comprehensive formula in the Dr Roebuck's range. This repairs, moisturises and reduces wrinkles and lines with the help of rosehip oil, Vitamin E and macadamia oil. If you're concerned about repairing any potential damage to your skin, then this would be a good one to look into.

You can find the range at David Jones, or online at their website over here

For those who would prefer something a little lighter, the Ultra Light Face Moisturiser by Milk is a good option, particularly for the warm weather. This dries down quickly to leave a protective layer against the daily assaults to our skin, and it also contains jojoba oil to help combat dehydration. There is aloe vera in it as an anti-inflammatory agent, and this is paraben free, as well as cruelty free.

Be certain to give your skin a bit of a boost as well by using a mask! The Rejuvenating Masque from the range will help combat tired and dry skin with multiple fruit extracts, Vitamin E and green tea extract. This will exfoliate, smooth and moisturise the skin, leaving it bright and smooth. For more information on Milk, you can visit their website.

Bright, glowing, dewy skin is my recommendation for weddings - it certainly looks better on me than matte does, and as everyone knows, a good skincare routine will get you the results that you want leading up to the day. Racinne's Ultimate Aqua Blanc line has a Brightening Cream, Concentrate, Eye Care and Stimulant, all designed to brighten, energize and give your skin that excited bridal glow.

This range is not recommended for sensitive skin, but if you have normal skin like me, it's definitely a range worth looking into! For more information, be sure to look up their website

However, despite twice daily eye cream, there are times in our lives when we don't get enough rest, or our skin isn't doing what we want (trust me, we've all be there). That's when something like It Cosmetics' Bye Bye Redness Neutralising Correcting Cream comes in handy. This has anti-aging properties, and can help to conceal while treating the skin. Containing oatmeal, collagen, avocado an aloe, this brand is also cruelty free and paraben free. 

Aside from the skin on your face, you need to not neglect your body as well! Dr Roebuck's Pure Body is an ultra rich body cream that is meant to reverse the effects of ageing while tightening and nourishing the skin. It contains shea butter, macadamia oil, Vitamin E and white tea, as well as lavender oil, all designed to hydrate and protect the skin while smoothing and softening the skin. 

Don't forget about after care! Numerous hair trials can mean that your strands may end up needing a little extra TLC. Pantene's 3 Minute Miracle is meant to help repair 3 months of damage in 3 minutes and after putting your hair through the rigours, this is what it needs! I find that this makes my hair really soft, and shiny, but it does also lose it's volume. That said, volume can be created, and soft and healthy should be an everyday thing! 

Above all else, remember to rest and take time out for yourself! If you know a bride to be, or you're one yourself, a Spa & Wellness gift card could be just the ticket to remind someone to relax and enjoy all the little bits leading up to the day, not to mention a good way to have a facial and bond! You can find out more about it here

I hope this helps you feel on top of your bridal stress! Take a little time to integrate all this into your routine, and you will be glowing in no time! For a bridal makeover look, stay tuned for part 2!

What was your skincare routine like for your wedding? Did you do anything special?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration