How To: Keep Your Skin Happy In Transitional Weather

Happy Sunday, everyone! It's now starting to feel like Winter, despite the strangely warm days we've had in recent days. As such, I've been playing around with a few things for my skin, and I just wanted to talk through a few basic things that I've been loving it through this transitional period.

1) SunSense Moisturising Face Lotion * - Never say no to SPF! SunSense makes some of my favourite SPF skin care products and this always has my back - or really, my face! No matter the season, considering that I live in Australia, I have to protect it from the harmful rays of the sun. See here for the full review.

2) Antipodes Hosanna H20 Intensive Skin Plumping Serum * - I love this serum! Considering that I'm exposed to a certain amount of sunshine during the day (not as much as I'd like to, and it probably is minimal, in all honesty), I'm careful to avoid serums that may sensitize my face to the harmful effects of the sun, and ultimately, I would like something to plump out my skin and enrich it, so that it would work as hard as me while I'm on my feet all day. This ticks a lot of boxes for me, and best of all, it's very lightweight, so it doesn't feel like anything beneath my makeup.

3) La Roche Posay Redermic R - This is what I've been using at night to help repair my skin, because you can't do too much to try and keep your skin as fresh! This is meant to help collagen production and aid with creating smoother and firmer skin. I squeeze only a little dollop onto my fingertips before smoothing it all over my face, and that is sufficient to keep my skin happy.

4) RosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil * - Oh dear, I fear I'm running out of this rapidly! This is one of my favourite all time rosehip oils and this hydrates and gives me back that glow that goes missing when my skin gets dry during the cooler seasons. See here for the full review: 

5) Neutrogena Hydro Boost Eye Roll On - I'm a big fan of the Hydro Boost range, and while this eye roll on does not quite live up to the same expectations that I have for the original day cream, it is quite nice and refreshing on the under eye skin. This rolls on easily, and it reduces most of the puffiness of the skin.

6) Elucent Anti-Aging Night Moisturiser * - A major player when it comes to anti-aging, this night cream plumps out my skin and keeps the lines from developing. It packs a big punch, and isn't immediately for people who aren't used to AHAs, but it can certainly be easy to incorporate into your routine slowly. See full review here.

7) Shu Uemura Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil * - I love, love, love this amazing cleansing oil! It's my go to when my skin is flaring up a little with overstimulation and not only does it smell amazing, it also moisturises my face. My skin always feels incredibly smooth after using it. See here for the full review.

If you're stuck for ideas on how to deal with your skin in this weather, I hope this post has given you some inspiration! 

How do you deal with this weather? What's your favourite cold weather product?

* These products were provided for my consideration, but my opinions remain my own


  1. Urgh! My skin is doing weird things this season. I'm loving RHO right now and use it morning and night. The LRP cream sounds very nice!

    xo Kat @ Katness

  2. Thanks for sharing Antipodes Hosanna H20 Intensive Skin Plumping Serum , glad it ticks all the boxes.

    A water-charged and oil-free bioactive serum that immediately quenches thirsty skin and helps intensively improve skin appearance over time. Revolutionary Vinanza Grape® antioxidant keeps skin super-hydrated and protected from the damage caused by environmental aggressors and pollutants. Mamaku black fern helps foster healthy cell renewal. We love it to. #lovethearoha


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