Review: Nuxe Nuxellence and Nirvanesque *

Happy almost end of January! Can you believe that we're already inching towards another month in 2016? Where is all the time going? Now that we have some perspective about the fleetingness of time, we need to have an upfront chat about how aging can sneak up on you, and what you can do to keep your skin happy!

Nuxe is a definite gem in the wilderness of drugstore brands. For those unfamiliar to them, Nuxe is a French brand that's only really reached our shores in the last year or so. Their oil is immensely popular and it's rumoured that one of them is sold every 6 seconds! That said, Nuxe is really so much more than their oil!

I've been using their Youth and Radiance Revealing Anti-Aging Care Serum under my moisturiser everyday for the last 3 weeks and I'm really loving this! It comes out a creamy beige and has a light scent, which don't stick around, and I find that two pumps usually cover both my face and my neck. 

This serum contains poppy, calendula petals, galanga leaves and olive leaves, among other ingredients! This also has optical corrective pigments to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I like how moisturising this serum is on my skin - light, yet rich and rather hydrating.

This light purple cylinder has a 50 ml capacity and is a twist and pump, which means that it's very hygienic and also travel friendly. This suits all skin types and it retails for $64.99.

Moving on from a 50 ml tube, we have a 50 ml white frosted jar of Nirvanesque Smoothing Cream. I like the reassuring heft of this firm, but light, container, even though it means having to dip my fingers into the jar on a daily basis.

This is meant to relax skin, and therefore, smooth out wrinkles. While it is quite thin, this does a great job of keeping my skin feel very moisturised. It gets absorbed very quickly and your skin feels like it can still breathe through the lotion. This has been great for my normal skin, adding a bit of brightness to it. Oddly enough, though, you can also use this as a night mask, despite it not being very thick!

You can pick this up for $51.99.

Here's something I don't ever skimp on - eye cream! I've also been combining the goodness of the Smoothing Eye Contour Cream with the above products. In  a 15 ml tube with a nozzle and screw cap, you'll find hyaluronic acid and the same optical correcting pigments. Now, whether it's a combination of the skincare products, or that the eye cream actually is a hard worker, but my under eye area definitely looks less dark circle-y, and this thin lotion has been great at keeping the area hydrated!

This little tube does come with a big price tag at $46.99, but it's certainly hard to argue with less obvious eye bags!

I'm really appreciating the drugstore luxe of it, and if you haven't had the chance to do so yet, I highly recommend that you track down a bottle of their perfume - it's divine! 

You can find their range in Priceline and other pharmacies.

Have you tried anything from Nuxe? What are you most interested in?

* These products were provided for my consideration, but my opinions, as always, are my own


  1. that actually looks really good!

    1. Like a luxe drugstore buy here in Australia.

  2. I've only tried Nuxe's oil on my face and hair, I love it, it makes my skin glow! I need to have a look at their serum, I'm coming towards the end of my asap serum.

    1. The oil is a little too heavy on my hair, but it's otherwise lovely! And their perfume - yummo!

  3. I've yet to try either of these...the eye cream sounds intriguing!

    I have their oil, which I love, the lip balm (also love) and their perfume! :)

    1. Isn't that perfume divine? It's my current go to!

  4. I haven't used any Nuxe products for ages- much remedy this! The eye cream sounds great :)



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