Review: Essence Limited Edition Products *

If you're anything like me, then you're probably someone who stalks the Essence stands at Priceline and Target. And as any Essence Aficionado would know, limited edition displays pop up on a regular basis, and it always sends me into a tailspin of delight!

That said, what is the appeal of the limited edition products, aside from the fact that they won't be available past a certain date? They don't just offer cosmetics! Today, I'll be talking about the different types of items that you could keep your eye out for the next time a new Essence stand pops up.

From one of the most recent collections, 'Like An Unforgettable Kiss' (see here for products that I purchased from the same range), I received this gorgeous blush brush in Dear Valentine! that I actually dithered over buying. I would have liked to, but I really wanted the heart shaped blushes and I was trying to be good about not buying too much. This brush is really soft and gorgeous, with a fat handle. It even has a little purple heart in the middle!

From the Beach Cruisers range, which was available in January/February of this year in Priceline, they had the 'Take Me to Paradise' body spray, which was actually a cute idea for Summer. It's a surprisingly strong scent that smells of vanilla and fruit.

Around the same time as the above, Target came out with the 'Wave Goddess' set and they came out with this peachy glasses case. It's super cute and perfect for taking your glasses on the go, not to mention that it could double as a little purse for when you're trying to streamline your stuff.

'Good Girl Bad Girl' arrived in Priceline around the same time that the 'Like An Unforgettable Kiss' collection came out. It featured two scents in the collection, and I was sent this little gem,'Like A Bad Girl', which is a little 10ml bottle of cute! This smells of peachy jasmine with some freesia and actually reminds me of something else. I think this collection can still be found in certain Priceline stores, although when I saw it last, it'd been reasonably picked over already.

One of the best things about Essence is the affordability of the products - everything pictured above retailed for less than $10! 

What's your favourite LE Essence product? Do you get excited every time a new collection appears?

*These products were provided for my consideration, but my opinion is my own.


  1. Argh I still have not go around to trying essence :(:( I did try a tester spray a while back and it smelt yummy! These look great, i'll have a play next time i'm in priceline!

    1. Do it! You really should look at one of their LE range when it comes out the next time!


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